All of our products are printed in and shipped from the USA.

Peace, love, and shenanigans.

About Lunar Grrrs

Welcome to Lunar Grrrs! Where everyone is welcome and kindness and love are the name of the game. We embrace our uniqueness and encourage others to do the same.

What is a "Grrr", you may ask? Grrr is the confident roar of your truth. Grrr is a term of endearment. Grrr can be used to convey so many emotions. Grrr is a movement. Want to spread peace, love, and shenanigans with us? Join the movement. 😊

All of our products were designed and created by us, using Moey’s and Codi’s original artwork and sayings. Be sure to check out our blog page and join our email list to keep up to date on new products.