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Peace, love, and shenanigans.

About Lunar Grrrs

Lunar Grrrs began as an inside joke. Quickly turned into an itch that we couldn't stop talking about. Within no time at all, it had morphed in to a full blown "Let's do this!" dream! Now, we are manifesting that dream and sharing it with you! 

Lunar Grrrs is founded on the belief that different is NOT wrong! We embrace our uniqueness and encourage others to do the same. The faces behind Lunar Grrrs are two best friends that just want to spread peace, love, and shenanigans with the world. Codi and Moey are not perfect humans, and never claim to be. We don't think "perfect" exists. Everyone is different. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is welcome here. 

So, what does "Grrr" mean, exactly? Grrr is the confident roar of embracing your truth. Grrr is a term of endearment. Grrr can convey so many different emotions. Grrr is a tribe. Grrr is a movement. Join the movement!

We would love to thank YOU for taking the time to read our thoughts and explore our store. We will be adding new items weekly and are always open to suggestions of any products that our fellow Grrrs would like to see.

All of our products were designed and created by us, using Moey’s and Codi’s original artwork and sayings. Be sure to check out our blog page and join our email list to keep up to date on new products.